Walking in the Albanian Alps reminds me of our annual walk when we lived in Denver, where we would do a “14er” every Labor day weekend. A 14er is to summit a peak that is 14,000+ ft (4200+ meter).

In Albania we walked 20km, from Valbonne to Theth and felt right at home. Mountains with steep rocky faces, the wind whistles by, birds sing in the distance and the air feels very clean. The only two differences; [in Albania] the elevation is below 2,000 meters and our lungs don’t have to fight for air and second, our annual walk in Colorado was always with friends.

Here are some pictures from our walk.

The guesthouse we stayed the first night, it had the feeling of a farmer family that turned their barn into a guesthouse. And on the right is me trying their home made moonshine, it was very strong.

But it offered spectacular views of the mountains. We spent the evening playing cards and enjoying the views.

Before dinner they asked us what time we wanted breakfast, having a 20km walk we said 06:00. The owner sort of shook his head and said no, you have breakfast at 07:00. No sense arguing with someone that only knows but a few words of english, so we nodded, smiled and said okay.

So we had breakfast at 07:00 and by 07:30 we had our picnic lunches and we started our walk.

23km, 1300 m elevation gain and 8 hours later we arrived in Theth. The pass was only 1816m, not even close to get elevation sickness. Not too hot, not too cold, not too many hikers and plenty of natural water to refill along the way.

A video of our view from the guesthouse in Theth.

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  1. Man if ever there was a place to run through the woods naked! You should be so happy I was not there with you!

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