Here’s one of us from Taipei in May.

We get a lot of people staring in our travels, in Indonesia and South Korea people would want their picture taken with me, I just smile and pose, after all I take pictures of them too so it’s only fair. Other times the stares are judgmental or assuming, and for the most part we try not to let it bother us. But when we interact with other tourists I’ve come to enjoy the -often- confused look people give us when we say Selina is from Indonesia and I from Colombia. The wheels turning to map both countries and how people from those two polar -but yet alike- cultures would come together. I just let them ask, or leave them in their thoughts.

In Montenegro we were sitting next to two German girls and they were trying to figure out what our story was. They didn’t expect Selina to understand German. One girls guessed we were just friends but they were still confused why we were traveling together.

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