A series of street food in Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon (many of the locals call the city Saigon instead of Ho Chi Minh City). Above, a man grills some chicken and while it smelled amazing we didn’t get anything from him.

This meat platter we had late at night, rice cakes, fried tofu, pork belly, blood sausage and fried chicken with some greens. A great flavor profile.

Selina read a review online for this fried chicken place. They pre-cook the chicken then drizzle hot oil versus the traditional deep fry. I thought it lacked flavor but the idea is interesting and gave the chicken a different type of crisp that I liked.

This was probably my favorite, grilled pork chop with rice and a fried egg. We had walked past this place and noticed a bunch of Grab drivers standing around the huge smoke cloud from the grill. Glad we made a point to go back, tender juicy pork chop with the perfect crisp.

This husband and wife operation at turtle lake park made us what we called vietnamese pizza. Banh Tranh Truong; rice paper grilled over charcoal with quail eggs, scallions, ground pork, ground shrimp and sriracha. Crunchy with several flavor exploring in your mouth from each chew.

On the left Selina enjoying the meat platter and on the right is.. I forget what they called it (and it’s from Taipei not Saigon). But I tried it because it reminded me of Colombian Arepas. They filled it with red bean paste and peanuts where in Colombia they are filled with cheese, I prefer the cheese ones better.

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