Richard Pontious standing in his shed, from Pontious Farm. Where we went picking berries

Richard: (carefully explains the whole “pick your own berries” process)… and there is a map right outside this shed.

Natanya: thank you

Me: (as we walk out of the shed)May I take your picture?

Richard: (looks at me and grins)Ok, but your camera might break.

Me: Oh no

Natanya: He’s a good photographer

Me: I saw you have a website, I can send you a digital copy

Richard: Ok

Me: Let me have you stand over here…

(Rich then walks over and stands, uncomfortably, while I meter the light, adjust the aperture and speed on the camera. Focus, “I’m too close, want the whole door frame”, take a few steps back, focus again, look up, make a final speed, aperture and focus check. Meanwhile Rich explains the map to Natanya.

Me: Ok! smile if you want..(to get his attention as I don’t want him looking away)

Rich then looks over, click -shutter releases, a small “whole” is exposed allowing light to travel through (in about a 1/125th of a second) burning an image onto the film- The burning is the most exciting part, for me at least.

Me: done, thank you! -Walk up, shake his hand and state my name-

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