A few days ago I read a quote that said “Food is the greatest pleasures of being in another country”. I’d have to agree, One of the major aspects of this trip has definitely been centered around food.

One -of the many- memorable moment for me was our short stop in Muscat, Oman. We spent the day touring the city (pictures), luckily our flight was delayed and we were able to have lunch with Abdul Al-aziz. He took us to a traditional Omani restaurant, we sat on the floor and steamed shark and camel meat, dried figs, salad and rice. No tables, no forks / spoons, just bare hands on the floor. We spoke for a few hours and I was surprised how Abd didn’t get a drop of food on his perfectly white clothes. He also invited us to his cousins wedding, sadly we couldn’t afford to change our already cheap flight to Greece.

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