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Random thoughts after a week in Singapore, in no particular order:

  • We have been eating so much amazing food; char siew, mee goreng, carrot cake, laksa, ho kien mee, egg appam, cheese appam, seitan, egg dosai, bbq stingray, fried frog, carrot cake (not the type westerners are likely thinking of), noodle soups, milo dinosaur, and we have a new addiction to teh halia (an indian style ginger tea, tastes similar to chai but waaaay better). Protuguese egg tart, nonya dumpling, char siu bao.. and more I’m forgetting
  • We went to the first hawker center stall to receive a michelin star. At the time it was the worlds cheapest michelin meal. Now with all the fame, “Hawker Chan” has moved into a fast food style restaurant and raised his prices from $2 to $5 SGD. Likely still the cheaper michelin star meal, and worth going to get the char siu.
  • The Singaporean government seems to keep their people happy by providing really affordable food!
  • I was cursed out in Cantonese by some grumpy old man at a hawker center.
  • It’s been interesting getting used to a different routine, not having a place to be and just taking our time to do what we want (like being in the way of grumpy old men).
  • Learning a difference view on the definition of “time”.
  • Besides people I don’t really miss much of home.
  • “home” = where our backpacks are.
  • We are discovering a whole new meaning to the concept of “being bored”. It’s giving us time to think and talk about the most bizarre random topics: How is cotton candy made? I dare you to go get in someone’s phone-video conversation. Wonder what latin food SG needs. For what purpose were cats first domesticated, and by whom?
  • Already we are thinking of ways to downsize our bags, reduce bulk, consolidate things.
  • Jetlag is not fun.
  • We are out of shape!
  • We have been walking around so much, randomly and to specific places. Luckily this is not the rain season and we were only rained out one day. Of which we relaxed at the hostel and watched the new Mary Poppins movie.
  • We’ve been spending some time with Selina’s sister, playing with her two cats, going out to eat, cooking, walking.
  • We stayed in Little India near the Tekka Center -in my opinion one of the better ones in the city-. Went there for breakfast almost every day. The only day we missed they were closed for spring cleaning, so we wondered the streets and found a busy restaurant. Busy = good, or at least fresh. We had egg dosai, vadai and teh halia.
  • Had fun exploring different types of hawker centers.
  • Caught up with some co-workers and made new friends.
  • Went to a couple festivals/fairs; one of which was food and drinks! another one celebrating Peranakan culture. We tried going to a carnival but it only opens after 6 and didn’t make it back at night.
  • One night we went to a coushsurfing social event for drinks, it was fun to meet some locals and travelers. One guy from India said he’s been traveling for 4 years now, from here he is going to Bali for some meditation, then back to India into the mountains for 2 months of meditation.
  • That’s a lot of meditation!
  • We changed our plans, instead of going to Indonesia we are now going to Vietnam > Thailand > Myanmar. In Vietnam we plan to be in Ho Chi Min City for 4 days. I found someone that runs an English speaking coffee shop and offers tourists a free place to stay, with the trade-off that they be at the coffee shop for 2 hours every day to speak English with local kids. I sent her our information and waiting to hear back.
  • In Vietnam we are going to do a 10 day silent meditation retreat. I never imagined we would be doing this sort of thing on this trip, but that’s what I like, the last minute plan changes and going where the wind blows.
  • From Vietnam we plan on going to Myanmar by land -hitchhike or bus- to Yangon to see one of Selina’s old friend. We haven’t decided what do there other than catch up with her friend, maybe hike, explore Inle Lake, or go by land to northern Vietnam or Laos.
  • I doubt I’ll do another “weekly review”, maybe the next one will be after a few months.
  • Realizing how much we’ve done after writing this list.

A friend from Texas, Yi, will be in Chongqin China late April visiting family, and Patrick/Angie from Denver will be in Taiwan in May. It would be fun to catch up with them, but April and May seem so far away, will have to see which way the wind is blowing when we get to Myanmar.

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  1. Food looks amazing! One of the few reasons I want to visit Singapore, honestly ?. Also hope y’all enjoy Yangon – I really found it to be a fascinating city.

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