Different types of Honda Cub scooters in Santo Domingo colonial neighborhood. When we were walking around we felt as though we were back in Havana, Cuba. People talk similar, the mannerisms are similar, the city was very similar. But Havana is more in decay and Sto Domingo. We walked about 7km, at one of the plazas the dept of tourism had a concert show for everyone, apparently they have it every Friday and Saturday night.

Diferentes motonetas Honda en Sto Domingo, zona colonial. Caminando nos sentimos muy en Havana, Cuba. La gente habla muy igual, las mañas muy iguales y la arquitectura muy igual. Pero Havana esta mas decaída que Sto Domingo. En la plaza España en depto de turismo pone música en vivo todos los viernes y sábados.

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