Davey at DTC
Justin Davey from the band Stallions versus Unicorns posing for a couple shots. They asked me to document pre-service set up. If you look at the panoramics of the previous post you’ll see a white post in the middle of the room, this is the post Justin is leaning on.

2 thoughts on “Davey at DTC

  1. I like the composition of those portraits, with a large portion of the picture being something different from the face.

  2. Very nice portrait. His head against the solid grey backrgound has a great affect and really pushes foward the contours of his face. Nice one!

    P.S. Yep, I'll be coming back! I recently moved from Spain to Germany and working 40 hrs a week. As I get settled I'm building a new template and moving on where I was! 😉

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