I’ve always wanted to learn the art of making bread. For some reason the “why not now” moment was when were driving through Africa. Limited resources, no oven and never in one place for more than a week… why not.

We bought some tomato sauce only because it came in a nice glass jar with a cloth cover, perfect for making the starter. Once the jar was empty we set off to make the starter. The bacteria grew very quickly and we started experimenting. First we tried putting it in our dutch oven but we only got some flat pancake wanna be bread consistency, no pictures. But the sourdough taste was there, I guess we’re doing something right.

Later on we found a small pot and after sawing off the handles we could put inside the Dutch oven.

Took a few tries but we learned, the hard way, to make edible tasty bread, pictured. At this time we were in Arusha, Tanzania.

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