I would have never thought to be taking surf lessons in the Dominican Republic from a retired German basketball player on my 37th birthday. Today I managed to hit myself on the forehead with the fin from the surf board.

Johann, the instructor, says I’m a “natural” and have more flexibility and stability than expected. Apparently tall people have a difficult time surfing. I’m definitely enjoying our time here. So far it’s been a walk in the morning, a few hours of reading, a swim, followed by a light lunch, more reading, surfing lessons, relax, go to town for some fried chicken or pork chop. Not many vegetables available though.

Playa Bonita is definitely worth the trek. Very secluded, not many tourists, clean calm waters and very little peddlers offering foot massages, day trips, oysters and all the other obscure inventions they offered in Playa Blanca, Colombia.

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