rusty emblem

an abandoned car shot sometime last summer while out with Luke

Also, I’d like to share something that happened last night. Hope you laugh at this one. I’m not a writer so forgive any errors or mistakes i make.

I was walking up to my apartment after work yesterday, naturally I looked around for my car just to see that it’s still there. After looking around come to find out that it’s not there. So i stood there, puzzled for a few minutes thinking, did it get towed? why would it? when was the last time I drove and were ? did i get a ride back from there? did it get stolen?… questions ran through my head. After a few minutes i walked around the corner thinking a friend stopped over and moved the car to be funny. Nope not there, last time i checked i don’t drive a BMW. There are only 18 apartments in my building so getting to know who drives what is pretty easy. Thinking to myself that i just looked to fast and missed it, i started to name the owners of the cars. Megan, #12, downstairs neighbor, what’s his name, new couple across the hall…. nope, still missing. Keep in mind that I usually take the bus to work, every once in a while i drive, mainly because I’m running late or have errands to do after work. Yep good guess, I drove in the morning!!! man!!! i cant believe i left my car downtown. So i laughed, shook my and went inside. Later on, a friend stopped over we went out to eat, told her my story and had a good laugh. She continued to inform she’s done the same thing. later we stopped at target and ended up watching a movie. After eating i was to lazy to have her drop me off downtown to bring the car back, it’s midnight i just want to sleep. So i hope it’s there when i go drive after work tonight, unless I space off and forget again.

So far, that’s my week’s highlight, hope you had a good laugh.


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